I just finished going through all of our digital photos.  So many!  We bought our first digital camera on December 21, 1996.  I am looking at the receipt (I save too much).  It was an Olympus, cost four cents over a grand (wow!) and captured 1.2 Mp per photo.  I bought it from a local camera store (Dean’s Camera Center, ’cause internet shopping wasn’t on my radar, although wikipedia tells me Amazon launched in 1994).  My current point and shoot is a Sony, was free (paid for with credit card rewards) and captures 10.1 Mp (but I throttle it down to 5 Mp so the files are smaller).

Of course a good half of the pictures are of our two dogs.  I deleted a bunch to save space on a laptop hard drive.  That’s why I was looking at them all.  I didn’t get rid of anything precious, but there were thousands of blurry photos, black photos, duplicates and pure nonsense.  Even a few that I’d rather not pop up when the screen saver shuffles through the pile.

I could have just moved the lot to a network hard drive to save space, but I don’t leave that drive on all the time.  It was fun to see them all over a week’s time, although my eyes no longer focus beyond eighteen inches.

While I worked I was (and am) enjoying the fourth infusion of a palm full of oolong tea.  The same batch I bought from Divini Tea about a year ago.  I had such a nice time there and would love to go back, but I still have over half of what I bought.  I told him I wouldn’t be back soon (and not to take that personally).  Din’t think it would take two years, though.  I should drink more tea.  Aren’t the wet leaves beautiful?O

I brought indoors two LED flood lights that were on the porch and installed them in the kitchen.  They make pretty good light for photos, don’t you think?  When they were outside, as the weather got cold, there’d be a long delay for them to illuminate–as much as thirty minutes!  When it first happened, I thought they were dead.  They cost a fair amount and are supposed to last for years, so I was bummed.  I had bought these roughly a year earlier.

Anyway, somehow I discovered they were just warming up.  Kind of sketchy, but I couldn’t detect any harm in it and used them this way outdoors for months.  Lacey would come home and ask if I had turned on the lights.  I’d say yes and they’d be on the next time we passed the front door to let Frida out.  Tried to find info about this on the web, but could only find mention of delayed starts in the range of a few seconds.  These were a new to me brand from Home Depot which I have since forgotten and they aren’t marked.  Yes, they were marketed as suitable for outdoor use.  I have a Phillips LED flood in the back yard and it starts after a one second delay no matter the temperature.

I bought new LED floods for the front door (Sylvanias) and, like the Phillips, they come on after one second no matter the temperature.  The no namers I brought inside now come on after about thirty seconds.  Fast enough, but still silly slow.  I am sure Home Depot would give me new ones, but I might as well use them up.  Home Depot would just shit can ’em.  What’s the good in that?

Frida is doing great.  She’s sitting next to me as I type (an hour early for early dinner so she’ll have to wait).  Walking like a champ and bossy just the right amount to be cute.  No signs of her incident at all.  Lucky once!  I’ll take it.

Speak to you soon.  Be well.


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