Just watched a mini documentary that I recommend to you.  It was self-produced by Rivendell.  So long a fan, I expected nothing from this film.  Nothing left to learn, I thought.  In a way, I was right.  I didn’t learn anything.  There was new information, to be sure, but I could have guessed all of it.  Even bet money on it with no fear of losing.  The people, the place, the ideas, the love.  It was all imbedded in everything they do.  In every interaction I have had with them.  Sigh.  What a place!  What people!  What bicycles!

Last night was, you guessed it, Mahar’s.  T

We had a couple of caskers from Middle Ages.  L

Lacey, twenty of Druid Fluid (a barley wine at nine point five… ouch).  R

I, twenty of Wailing Wench (a mild eight point five).  BW

Curry House never tasted so good.

Must go.  Take care!


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