Snow Melter

Yo La Tengo’s new LP Fade is rotating in my living room.  YLT

At the same time familiar and fresh, I will do my best to wear this one out.

The first seed catalog  also showed up today.  My heart is jumpy thinking about the fresh veggies.  Patience, man!  We got three or so inches of snow this morning.  In my ongoing effort to win the neighborhood shoveling war (undeclared, but I don’t need no stinking declaration), I took first place, second place, fourth place and sixth place.  My neighbors are weak.  Lovely people with whom to share a cocktail, but weak.  Just kidding (but your snow clearing service is weak).

What else?  Oh!  The alfredo sauce from Chloe’s Kitchen is superb.  Buy the cookbook to get the details.

I clearly don’t have  enough going on to write a blog post.  I will go snuggle my dog.

Take care!


2 responses to “Snow Melter

  1. It’s always a little uplifting and comforting to read your posts. Cheers!

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