Went to Mahar’s last night.  It was the first time we left Frida alone since her incident.  Of course she was fine when we got home.   February 14, 2013 is Mahar’s last day on Madison Avenue.  Soak it up like Wonder Bread (while you can).


2 responses to “So

  1. Glad to hear that Frida is on the mend. Our new Cairn Terrier puppy is giving me a run for my money and Argus the 12 year old Shiba Inu is none too pleased with this change of circumstance. He’s deaf now, after a bout of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, so he’s a little less of the character he was. I am trying especially hard to give him some extra love.
    I’ll try to remember that when dealing with some people!

    • Oh man! Aren’t dogs the best? And I agree with you that people are as good and deserve the same amount of our love. I think dogs have the advantage in that they can’t talk. People, myself especially, should more often be quiet, wag tails and do happy dances. Thanks for writing!

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