We slept and didn’t sleep through one hell of a blow last night.  I was genuinely surprised to wake and find ourselves and our home seemingly intact (it is still dark, so I haven’t inspected anything).  We listened to walls and windows protest as they fought to stay true.  We watched tall pines outside our window bend further than old wood should be asked to bend.  Then it let up and we fell to sleep for reals.L

Before we went to sleep we spent two point five hours watching The Turin Horse–a Hungarian film depicting the last six days of life as we know it.  A challenging film if there ever was one.  The soundtrack was little more than a constant and ferocious wind.  The little more was what seemed to be one droning song.  If you slipped into an almost sleep trance (there are plenty of chances to do that–the first fifteen minutes show a horse struggling to slowly pull a cart carrying a man and that, my friends, is about the high point for action), the wind and the song would blend into one mono channel of aural despair.  Like to watch food being made in movies?  Hope you like watching potatoes being boiled!  Enjoy a little dialog?  Then watch My Dinner with Andre instead, as there is almost none in this film.  Sound depressing?  You bet it was!  Who needs depressing in the middle of winter?  Not us, but now that we’ve gone there, please consider doing the same so that we have company.  Seriously, though, it was an incredible film.  I recommend you allocate two point five hours of your precious life to viewing it.  Need a taste first?  Search The Turin Horse in Google Images, then come back.  Striking, no?

That’s enough of that.  Take care!


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