Love Letters

It’s been some time since I have written a good juicy love letter.  Lacey gets short loving notes, sometimes something as short as “xoxo.”   [Gulp–I really need to write her a proper love letter.  Not here.  In private.  On paper.]  Just now, though, I need to send some of my infinite supply of love out into the world!  See, Frida is doing great.   It was just last Wednesday that she collapsed in my office and now she is back to her old tricks.  Barking at the window.  Play growling at us when we are too slow getting ready for a walk.  Going to the basement in protest if I open the laptop.  I could go on and on.  We are still keeping our eyes on her, but our eyes are seeing hope and vitality rather than despair and suffering.  What a welcome change.  P.S.  I know she looks small and timid in this pic, but it just ain’t true.  She’s back, really, she is.  Frida 01.09.13

Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital deserves much love.   I love you!  You made room for us in your tight schedule and took the time–hours!–to find a subtle but serious problem facing Frida.  Endocarditis.  Little white spots on her wonderfully pumping heart.  They didn’t even shave more of Frida’s chest and stomach than they needed to.  You can’t even see the bare spots from above.   That might seem like a little thing, but Frida is a beauty and deserves to look her best.  Thanks to the good folks at Burnt Hills, she does!  Thank you!

General Electric!  I love you!  Burnt Hills had a brand new ultrasound machine with your name on it.  A pretty trick unit.  Much better resolution than their previous machine.  I wonder if they’d have seen the spots on Frida’s heart with their old machine?  I was afraid to ask.  I know a bunch of good folks that work at GE.  I’ll thank them in person when I see them.  Good to work for a company doing good things!  Thank you!

You all!  I love you!  So many people wrote and called.  Beautiful offers to help and expressions of positive wishes.  We really needed you and there you were.  Johnny and Joanna on the spot.  Thank you!

I should keep this short, but I will drop three movie recommendations.  First, Vegucated.  A documentary in which the film maker invites three folks to go vegan for six weeks.  It was a fun process to watch (maybe more fun for a committed vegan than anyone else–why don’t you watch it and let me know what you think?).  Second, Hungry for Change.  Another documentary that was pretty easy to watch as a vegan.  Covers the food industry and the ways they alter food to keep you coming back for more.  Very well made with some interesting recommendations.  I liked most the suggestions relating to the positive impact of visualization and the importance of loving yourself.  Pumped me up the same way the movie I Am did.  You have seen I Am, right?  I mean I asked you to see it forever ago and it is now on Netflix (but not play it now).  Third film, and this one is just pure art and enjoyment–The Hedgehog.  French film that will tear your heart out (in a good way).  So beautiful.  These three films are all on Netflix Play it Now, so getting to them shouldn’t be a challenge.

I need to go be with Frida.

Be well!


6 responses to “Love Letters

  1. You are all dears. I’m so glad I started following your blog. Peace and good health to the beautiful dog and her humans.

  2. You are the sweetest love ever!!!

  3. Beautiful!! Thanks Randy, Jay just showed me your post. My favorite thing is helping my friends with their loved ones. Your post is so moving and beautifully written.

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