Lacey and Frida are sleeping, so I will share something quickly.  Wonderful friends sent us three tins of nut milk cheese from Punk Rawk Labs.  3

We received Cashew, Herbed Cashew and Macadamia and Smoked Macadamia.  I’ve listed them in the order of approachability, but all three are amazing.  HCM

Great texture and complex flavors.  The smoke in the third cheese comes from a crust of smoked sea salt (and black pepper).  Reminiscent of tobacco smoke.  Very interesting.  Almost challenging.  Probably something like the fun had by folks who eat exotic “stinky” animal milk cheeses.  SM

I’d probably have a tin in the fridge at all times if these were sold locally.  I really need to get to Lagusta’s place to see if I can get some nut milk cheese from her tenant.  I can’t quickly find the name.  Does it exist yet?  Did I imagine it?  In any event, the world is really looking up for plant eaters!

Other news?  I dropped off two tiffins at Curry House as I placed a to go order.  Thought was they could pack our food in the tins and save all the styro and paper.  Wasn’t sure how they’d react, but they were completely into it.  They were debating which parts of the order should go into the five compartments.  I had thought it through before selecting the two tiffins I brought and knew I’d have one container left for condiments.  Give it a try at your local restaurant and see what happens!

While Curry House made our dinner, I popped next door to Mahar’s for a ten ounce Mild at Heart.  The place was packed!  Like I’ve rarely seen it.  Good to see the support.  I hope they find a new home that is close to my home.  So nice to walk.  Ten ounces was a perfect timer for the magicians at the Curry House.  When I walked in the door, my two tiffins were waiting.

Appliance repair?  The dishwasher left an inch of water in the bottom at the end of a cycle.  I had thought the metal screen forming most of the bottom of the thing was all I needed to keep clean, and I would occasionally clear residual food bits from that.  Not enough.  DW

This time I removed the bottom spray bar to allow me to remove a pipe that carries water to the top spray bar.  This gave me access to a raised plastic grate that covers the drain.  All without tools!  The plastic grate was pretty clogged, as was the drain underneath.  The picture above is an after picture.  I would have been embarrassed to post a before picture!  Cleaned all that out with a turkey baster, a rag and a toothbrush.  Also scrubbed the bottom spray bar, the plastic gears that move the bar and a filter that cleans the water before it gets sprayed.  Despite the dishwasher looking clean before disassembly, all of these hidden from view parts were pretty disgusting.  Running water and the aforementioned cleaning tools had them looking like new in short order.  I reassembled the bits and gave it a test wash.  Perfect!  The washer is considerably quieter now, too.  Like new, really.  I think the mucked up gears driving the spray bar were causing the scary noises I had been ignoring for a year or so (intermittent rumbling).  This dishwasher was about seven years old and hadn’t had any work done to it (except the surface wipes I had mentioned).  I can’t see myself doing all this prophylactically, but I’ll go ahead and recommend the same to you.  I imagine the motor was working harder than it needed to.  Good to care for things if you can, right?

That’s enough.  I should check in on Lacey and Frida.  Take care!

Oh!  I should mention how wonderfully Frida is recovering.  She is still tired, but is walking, even running, with confidence.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the antibiotics clear the infection and that the aspirin prevent further clots.  Thanks for all of the kind words and wishes!

4 responses to “Patience

  1. Man, I need to try some of these fancy cheeses! They look and sound tasty.

  2. My tenant’s amazing cheese is Treeline Cheese ( It’s the bomb!! We did a side-by-side tasting with Punk Rawk and…well, I’m trying to be all posi in the new year and shit, so I will say no more other than that I freaking love the Treeline.

    And yeah, I bring reusable containers to my magical Dumplings restaurant all the time. I also order 6 orders of dumplings at a time, so the styro was really adding up. They laugh at me, but I’m the one with the last laugh as I roll away with 100 dumplings, so who cares? (Really they love me and my vegan crew of crazies, and make us special amazing dumplings–we’ll have to go the next time you’re in town!).


    • Treeline! Thank you! I wanted to get their name out there so that my lost googlers–I mean loyal readers–would have the info. Can’t wait to try it!

      Three cheers for reusable containers! How about a shout out for the simple jar? I am reminded of you each time I grab a little jar of fermented garlic I save when I finish a jar of my pickles. There is a pink L sticker on the lid of the jar. I think it originally contained peach vinegar from your shop. Then I am reminded of your rows of identical yellow lidded peanut butter jars. So pretty! So functional!

      I am so happy about Frida! I am going to stop typing and go hug her. One last thing… I can’t type and be with Frida at the same time. She hates the laptop. If I bring it in the room, she leaves. Such a good Buddhist. One thing at a time, she reminds me. If I want to pet Frida, just pet Frida!


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