Can’t Go Back

My friend shared with me a folder of photos he exhibited at his wedding reception.  Among them was a picture of me on my Fuji Feather.Fuji Feather

I bought the frame off eBay and added parts as they appeared.  The frame was pretty cool.  Rare, light, nice welds and decent condition.   The wheels were the best part.  Polished steel Araya rims with red bolt on Bullseye hubs.  Bomb proof.  Hated to let those go, but I did.  Sold the frame separately.  

What was I thinking?  My hope was to relive fun times of my youth spent ripping around on a 20″ wheel bicycle.  You know–bunny hops, jumping curbs and the lot.  What a disappointment! The bicycle was great, but I am a much different person from the kid I was in 1980s.  I weigh more, am weaker and am much more cautious.  Add that up and you’ve got an old man rolling around on a way too small bicycle.  Fun for a day in the woods, though.  Pretty sure this picture was taken the only time I had a proper ride on the thing.  Winter of 2009 if the file information is to be believed.

Still wouldn’t mind getting a cruiser with bigger wheels.  Maybe a vintage Cook Brothers?  Still wouldn’t be able to shred, but at least it would fit.  Probably won’t though.  I am trying so very hard to not bring bicycles into my life.  A jinx if I ever wrote one (so standby for a post in a couple of weeks featuring a new bicycle?).  Who knows.  Like I am in control of my retail life!

Enough.  Take care.


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