Swell weekend in reverse order:

1.  2011 Monsters of Folk show replayed on Austin City Limits.  Entertaining!  What concert isn’t better under the covers with a dog at your feet?

2.  Espresso shot pulled on home machine with Blue Bottle beans (roasted 12.12.12–historic).  So very fine!  My standards have been elevated clean out of reality.

3.  Barrymore at the Spectrum.  Laughing!  Aching!

4.  The Confectionery.  Good friends on both sides of the transaction.  Again!  Again!  Again!

5.  Mahar’s and Curry House.  Solid!

Pedaled around town for errands a couple of times, too.  Hollered at once.  Herded with a bumper, even.  Most neighbors, though, shared to make Fred Rogers proud.

The sun abandoned us an hour ago.  Lacey is napping.  Gotta figure out dinner, but I’m not feeling it.  My sights are fixed on a fresh carton of So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog (I see each glass adulterated with one ounce Cafe Ole and one point five ounces Tito’s vodka).  Any nog would do, but stay away from those made with animal milk and eggs.  They might taste fine, but your buzz could be impeded if you think about the critters as you drink.  We named the drink the Mongolian (on 12.21.01–I keep a notebook) for all the wrong reasons.  I probably break PC rules as often as I leave the house with my britches unzipped.  I don’t mean to do either, and I don’t want to offend.  Anyone.  Ever.  If that helps, great.  If not, leave a comment.  Better yet, suggest another name.



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