Alex Moulton

I just read about the passing of Dr. Alexander Eric Moulton on Harris Cyclery’s blog.  Tributes from around the world are posted at the link.  He died on December 10th, having lived ninety-two years.  Ravi Shankar died on December 11th, also having lived ninety-two years.  Let’s all raise glasses this evening to long and productive lives.  The gifts these two men have given the world!

You know I love Bridgestone bicycles, right?  Did you know Bridgestone produces a line of bicycles in partnership with Moulton?  Moulton engineering coupled with higher-volume but exacting Bridgestone manufacturing–what a pairing! Another reason I wish Bridgestone bicycles were still distributed in the US.

It’s only ten in the morning and I’ve already made it through to do lists for both home and work.  More work will come when west coast clients return emails, but for now I am sitting.  Waiting.  Thinking.  A little sad.  Work isn’t what I am sad about.  Quite the opposite.  Work is a welcome distraction.  Kind of like all the Solitaire I’ve been playing to fill blanks between work that shows up in fits and spurts.  I like that it is called Patience when played with cards.

Maybe time for a little exercise.  That always helps.  When exactly did I start to like exercise for exercise sake?  October, 2012.  Sort of sad, but there it is.

Oh, cherished weekend!  Just this once, could you surprise me with an early arrival?  Either way, I look forward to your return.

Be well.

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