That’s Sir Nasty, to you (aka the best breakfast sandwich in the realm of both the possible and the impossible).  I’ve dreamed of a return visit to The Localita & the Badasserie since my visit in August.  No trips to Los Angeles planned (and it looks like they’ve dropped weekday hours), so I had to get creative.  Julie Hasson’s Vegan Diner gave me a recipe for terrific sausage patties.  Dough of gluten, chickpea flour, herbs, brown sugar, water, oil and soy sauce  is formed into patties then steamed, then fried.   While one patty browned in a pan with oil, Daiya on bread with scallions melted under the broiler.  A coil of Sriracha topped things off.  Done!  Oh.  Wow.  Make your reservations now.  SN

Other excitement?  This looks exciting.   Hope to know more later today.  [12.10.12 Update:   Spent the afternoon at Lucas Confectionery.  Although they are still warming up to their machines and beans, they are already pulling the best retail shots in the area.  By far.  Get there and see if you agree.  Also enjoyed most of the small plates they offer.  Artichokes, beans, quinoa, hummus and olive tapenade.  All were top drawer.  Only have to try the eggplant caponata, the almonds and the olives to have tried the whole collection.  Also enjoyed their New York Riesling on tap.  Twice.  And I can’t forget…  they have Chick-o-Sticks and Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews (the vegan dark chocolate variety).  I tried to explain to two people who were helping how great it was that they had the dark chocolate version because it is vegan, but they both already knew.  How cool is that?  The menu even says the small plates are vegan.  Right there on the menu, like it was no big thing.  Just some information a customer might find helpful.  They’ve tried to create a third space for our lives (the place you go when you are not at home or work), and, for me anyway, that is exactly how I feel about their place.  Its distance from my home will prevent me from getting there as often as I’d like, but I will be heading to Troy more often than before.  Good work, folks!]

I wanna go be with Lacey, so I’ll talk to you later.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

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