Truck Mentality

[Outside of grocery, minding my own business.]

Person:  So you are the guy with the trailer!

Me:  Yup.

Person:  I have a trailer, too.  Just got it off of eBay (apologetically).  I researched them all.   Yours only carries, like, one hundred pounds.

Me:  Seventy-five.

Person:  Mine carries one hundred eighty pounds.

Me:  Good luck with that.

My closing sounds snotty, but I found her comments off-putting.  I need to be more secure with respect to my payload capacity.  I’ve never weighed six bags of groceries (which my trailer carries easily) and generally end up with only four.  It works (and has for roughly six years now).  Onward.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends.  There was a little potlucking going on, but for the most part the hosts pulled the heavy kitchen oar.  They de-crittered some dishes and in other cases made two versions.  So sweet.  So yummy.  Thanks, pallies, for a wonderful day!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too.



One response to “Truck Mentality

  1. You are the cutest biker!!!

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