Prep Work

This year’s Thanksgiving table will be a little sweeter thanks to Lagusta’s willingness to share her pumpkin bourbon tart recipe.  I’ve made it half a dozen times now, but enough time passes between each go that my heart still gets fluttery with anticipation.  That, or I have an arrhythmia.  C’est la vie!  

Pulled a nice old Schwinn pump out of the garbage a week ago.  I oiled the leather plunger and it moves air nicely, but I learned why they deep-sixed it as soon as I tried to connect it to a valve.  The pot metal head was cracked where the thumb lever pivots.  The pressure of the compressing rubber grommet pushes the thumb lever back on the cracked side and a no pump situation results.  No worries.  I love Topeak’s SmartHead pump upgrade kit so I ordered one straight away.  The kit comes with various fittings to allow the new hose to be connected to most any pump except, it turns out, this one.  No worries again!  

They also include fittings that allow you to splice the new hose onto the old hose.  Not as elegant, but good enough.  It is working perfectly.  Best part is, while the old pump head was Schrader only, the SmartHead fits both Schrader and presta valves without an adaptor.  Swell!  

Back to it, then.  Have a great Thanksgiving.

One response to “Prep Work

  1. Randy – I noshed on your leftover honking slice o’ pumpkin tart for breakfast for two days post Thanksgiving.

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