Small Things

Urban Velo does it again.  If you pedal in traffic, I recommend you take a moment to notice.

My father is home and doing well.

Adam should be home by now, but he hasn’t published a final post to let us know.  Come on Adam!  It isn’t over until you’ve blogged it!

Tom finished his mountain bike race across Costa Rica.  This based on the results posted on the site.  Can’t wait to hear the stories from the pedalers lips when we get a chance to iChat.

I haven’t turned a pedal in some time.  Thought I would today, but work, a trip to the doc in the box for Lacey (no worries–she will be well soon enough) and raking kept me off the bicycles.  Tomorrow is another day, though, and the groceries are not going to get themselves.

Spent the weekend with my nephews.  Got to play guitar with them.  It won’t be long before they leave me in the dust.  As it should be.

Hope you enjoy the outcome of tonight’s contest.





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