Long Pants

To the garden.  In my car.  If I could shut off my brain, forgetting about the environment, my health, noise, all of that, I’d find a reason to drive every day.  I’d pedal for fun when the weather was nice, but drop the temp some, add wind and some rain and my car becomes a super cushy and fun way to get around town.  Too bad they screw up everything up so surely.  Oh well.  Today’s trip was fun.

I pulled out the last of the cabbages, all of the celeriac and some of the dinosaur kale.  Quite a load for the second of November.  Not much left in the ground.  Just a bit of kale (and that looks pretty scrappy).  After the freeze forecasted for this weekend, the garden will be done for the year.

I won’t put up more sauerkraut.  Instead, I will quarter and roast a few of the cabbages.  I brush on olive oil into which I have whisked salt and pepper and give them four hundred degrees for ten minutes on each of the two cut sides.  The others?  Maybe a soup.  Maybe some runzas.  Maybe some indian preparations.

Celeriac?  Not sure.  Never have grown it, bought it or even tasted it.  The leaves and stalks are clearly celery like, but stronger.  Pretty bitter, too.  I think I will roast some of the roots.  Maybe the googles will help.  Let me know if you have favorite preparations.

Kale is easy.  I’ll make half with oil, garlic and lemon juice.  This is Lacey’s favorite.  The other half in a stock with onions, garlic, tamari and miso.  Learned that from Lagusta (and it is my favorite).

Dad is getting sprung from the hospital today, having made great progress the last couple of days.  He’ll need physical therapy three times a week for some time, but he has to be very excited to be headed home.  Three cheers for my dad.  Three more for my mom.  She’s been there at his side the whole time.  Even his brother came to help.  Quite a team.

The programed thermostat is offering the evening’s heat ration.  Reminds me that Lacey will be home soon.  Very happy to have nearly completed another work week.  Ready for the not working.

My best to you and yours.


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