Falling from the sky!  All day!  If it stopped at all, I didn’t notice.  Frida, unwalked, definitely noticed.  Luckily, the UPS delivery person was undeterred.  He dropped a package from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.  The Band’s Music From Big Pink.  Perfect antidote to my indoor blues.  It’d be perfect if my buddy Wooten was here to share the first listen.  How many Wootens are there in the world?  Think he ever googles his name?  Heya Wooten!  Hope you are well!

Beautiful pressing.  The album was originally released in 1968 (I think), so the master tape has been hanging around for some time.  If that’s what’s what, this pressing is all the more impressive.

Ordered a brush and some cleaner from MOFI, too.  After it came, I read the instructions on both the brush and the fluid.  Add it all up and they are recommending that I have three brushes.  One for cleaning mold release compound from brand new albums before first playing (who knew?).  A second for cleaning all other records.  A third to be used dry after wet cleaning to remove any remaining particles.  Jeesh!  Worst part is the recommendation kind of sounds reasonable to me.  Way cheaper than getting a record cleaning machine, in any event.  Maybe I will order two more brushes.  

Micro post (I have nothing else)!  Happy Friday!


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