Helicopters (maple tree seeds).  Five heavy bags of them so far, all from one tree (that is not mine).  I’ve never seen so many.  The tree hasn’t given up more than a couple of leaves, but the helicopters alone have me cursing under my breath all maples regardless of location.  OK–I love your syrup (who doesn’t), but the tree that is spoiling my fall isn’t tapped.  It just spits out hundreds of thousands of seeds (and later leaves).  My guess is this tree is dying so it is putting its last energy into making seeds.  Fine with me (so long as it falls somewhere other than on my home).  Harrumpf!

To do list items.  Work is trying to crush me, but so far I am crushing it.  The fourth quarter is always the busiest time of year (so much so that I predict my death will arrive during a boom year fourth quarter).  I learned long ago to leave nothing until tomorrow.  A free moment today might not materialize the next.  So for now it is all good.  Until I have to start getting on planes.  We’ll see.

Hang ups.  I hate exercise for exercise sake.  Always have.  Somehow I have managed to open up, if only a little bit, and make time for sets of burpees three mornings a week.  One day away from three weeks!  Thanks to Grant Petersen for giving me the gentle push I needed.  I really think a little something like this will help in the long run.

Mileage.  I haven’t pedaled much lately.  Work, raking and generalized laziness have kept me more or less stationary.  I did pedal to the board of elections today, though, to vote early.  One the ride home a guy close passed me as I was ooching out from the curb to avoid a dangerously sunken storm drain grate.  I saw him coming in my mirror.  Him and his nefarious intent.  As soon as I noticed the hazard I signaled to him that I was going to move out, but he gave no leave.  I didn’t need to stop.  I was able to thread the needle.  He stopped at the light and rolled down his window.  I shouldn’t have known about his window as it is my habit to stay behind cars when stopping.  This time, though, I wanted to have a little chat.  So much for not communicating.  I was super calm.  So was he.  He just said “sorry guy.”  I said “there was a hole in the street that you nearly forced me into–you need to leave more room when you pass.”  That was that.  Every day I get a little better at educating my neighbors.  Calm is key.  Every day I tell myself to stop communicating with my neighbors while on the road.  I need to try harder.  A lot harder.

Yields.  Hanging on at home garden are parsley, rosemary and oregano.  At the away garden, a few cabbages, greens and celeriac remain.  I pulled out the tomatillos and picked up from the ground the last fruit.  Can’t say I will miss the almost daily effort required to keep the gardens on the tracks.  Not until February or March, anyway.  Tomatillo salsa anyone?

Stores of Oolong tea.  I have been trying to brew a pot each day.  Using the leaves three times sure slows the depletion of my supplies, but I am making a dent.  With each glass I am reminded how much flavor opens up when drinks are at the right temp.  Too hot or too cold and the good stuff all but disappears.  Give me tepid tea anytime.  Same with beer (if it needs to be cold to be enjoyable, you should try another brew).  This Oolong I am pouring down my beer chute is really hitting the spot.

Oh ya!  Milestones!  Lacey and I are very nearly at the twenty year mark in our marriage.  Gosh oh golly I love me some Lacey.  All of Lacey, actually.  I’d recommend the institution to you, but I have no idea how it looks with anyone other than Lacey.  Might suck.  I hope I never know.  Thanks, Lacey, for making my life worth living.

I’m out of things to share.  Hope you are making the best of your days.


2 responses to “Falling

  1. Ha! Beer chute! Love that. Especially putting oolong down it. I agree with you on the temperatures–I put a lot of effort into correct tea temperatures. Be well!

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