Just in Time

As the temperature decreases, so goes my motivation to leave the house.  I’ve had a relatively slow week, yet I’ve managed to avoid the beautiful weather save for the daily dog walk, a couple of pedals to the garden and a few moments spent emptying the compost bin.  Joys!  Today was different, though, if only a little.  After burning through every possible indoor chore, three more and then some lawyering, I pedaled a Lap Around Lower Albany (henceforth to be referred to “LALA,” bringing to mind the COuntry LAp which conveniently becomes “COLA”).  I savored the LALA slowly, enjoying the views and gentle cool breeze.  Traffic is up with the kids back in school, but we managed to play nicely together.  All’s well that ends well (and end well it did).

It was a short ride, but I was away long enough to give the mail carrier time to drop a package on my doorstep (the watched pot…).  The box contained a new sealed version of Parts & Labor’s second full length LP Stay Afraid.  Since recently learning the band ended in early 2012, I’ve made a couple casual searches to see what I’ve missed.  The first search turned up Stay Afraid, and I found a new sealed copy on eBay.  In trying to learn where in their history this LP should be placed, I read I also missed their first release Groundswell.  Not on eBay just now.  Not at Craig Moerer’s Records by Mail, either.  I’ll wait.  A copy will show up eventually.

Stay Afraid is cued up now.  I haven’t heard a note (the hifi is warming up as I type), but I won’t let that stop me from giving the LP two thumbs up.  Based on nothing but their historical awesomeness.  If listening to the music changes my mind, I will come back and revise my comments.

Oh!  Maybe read about my friend who is pedaling from LA to NY solo.  Can you imagine?  He seemed kinda low two posts back, so it wouldn’t hurt to drop him a few words of encouragement.

I’ve nothing else to say and the hifi is surely warm now, so I am signing off.

Take care.


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