Mt. Arab!

Last weekend, Lacey, Frida and I drove with a friend to Tupper Lake.  The mission centered around attending the wedding of two other good friends.  It was a wonderful event, but I will let them share it with the public as they see fit.  I can share a few moments on our walk to the summit of Mt. Arab.  First, though, our darling cottage!

I’ve always wanted to stay in a vintage rental cottage and now I’ve have my chance.  It was number thirteen of roughly twenty at the Park Motel in Tupper Lake.  We loved it.  Frida thought it was marvelous, too.  The first night, we set her up on her own bed and climbed into the other.  Of course she hopped off hers and into ours.  We put her back on hers and climbed in as well.  Three bodies on a full size bed.  Both nights.  Cozy!  

Back to the walk.  Just under a mile one way with about 600 feet of elevation gain, it seemed too easy to be fun.  Wrong again!

Just perfect, it turned out.  We didn’t bring anything for us.  Not even water.  That was a first for me, as gearing up is half the fun.  Hiking light was nice.  For Frida we brought water and her cut foot kit (a pantyliner, medical tape, an Ace bandage and a boot).  It was raining as we drove to the trailhead, but stopped just as we got out of the car.  Our lack of gear motivated us to keep moving.

It wasn’t long before we were at the top and climbing the fire tower.  Notice the clouds!  The view, though, was too beautiful not to linger over.  

Frida was off leash but opted to follow me up the tower.  

She made it all the way, save for the last and steepest flight of stairs into the enclosed lookout.  Brave girl! 

Imagine living in this ranger’s station!  Lonely, sure, but the miracle of the place had to make up for it.  I wonder if they were allowed to bring dogs?

What else?  We took a different route home that took us through Lake Placid.  Home of the 1980 winter Olympics, don’t you know.  Lacey is a huge fan and beamed anew as she encountered each new to her Olympic remnant.  This Eric Heiden cut out was near the entrance to the 400 meter speed skating track.  

What a journey!  The best parts, though, were time spent with friends at and in connection with the wedding.  Such lovely folks.  How did we get so lucky?

Take care!


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