While Spiders Sleep

None of the following happened at the end of the night, but the picture I just caught of a spider resting on the outside of our window gets the title as it is more interesting than anything about which I am going to write.

Yesterday the community garden gave up what I expect will be the last three cucumbers of the season.  Cute little buggers.  Not sorry to see you go!

Another quart of cherry tomatoes, though, so I went here to learn how to dry them.  Four hours in a 225 degree oven did the job.  Live and learn.


Last night Mahar’s offered on tap, and I accepted, a Great Lakes Octoberfest Marzen beer.  Cleveland, Ohio, should be proud.  My interest was piqued when I learned it scored a perfect 100 on Beer Advocate.  I was not disappointed.  Bill acted like it was no big thing but I understand he drives to western NY to pick up a keg of Great Lakes whenever he gets the chance, so whether he admits it or not he is probably genuinely pleased to be able to offer you a pint.  Get there before we make it disappear.

Now outside with you!



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