Yes Sir!

Heya!  A week in Provincetown, MA, and a week of catching up at home have rendered me eQuiet.  Glad to report all is well ’cause it started out kinda rocky style.  The Friday before we left found Lacey at a doc in the box to have a swollen elbow examined.  Good that she went.  It was infected and the infection had migrated to her lyphatic system (raising a five inch red trail from the swollen elbow toward her hand).  She was given ten days of antibiotics and told to go to a hospital for intravenous antibiotics if the trail got any longer.  She could have gone septic if it migrated to her blood stream.  That’s bad.

Didn’t stop us from going on vacation, though.  Saturday we drove to the end of the Cape and, well, the infection trail got longer en route.  Doubled back toward her elbow.  We fired up the intertubes to look for a hospital–the nearest one was an hour away.  What to do?  We imposed on family (two docs to pick from) and were instructed to give the oral antibiotics a few days to work and monitor the spread of the infection.  It can get a little worse before it gets better and that is just what it did.  So we spent the first two days of our vacation in bed, John and Yoko style.  That and the antibiotics did the trick.  No hospital.  No dying.  Much jubilation.

The forced relaxation was a blessing for me.  It can otherwise be hard to turn off the constant motion thing and the early calm carried through the rest of the week.  I did sneak in a little kitchen organizing while Lacey slept.  

Provincetown is crazy for bicycles and we brought two.

Bringing bicycles does not a bicycle vacation make.  Mine was pedaled one mile, twice, to get groceries.  Lacey’s remained motionless.  We walked with Frida all over town when we weren’t sitting on the beach.

Frida loves the beach.  No use for the waves, but sleeping on the sand is something she can do for hours.  Just spreads out those jowls and takes it all in.

The umbrella is key, casting just enough shade for the three of us if we ooch a bit as the sun moves across the sky.  

Most evenings closed with a trip to the Old Colony Tap.  Wanna be bar flies, we are.  Only thing standing in our way is our tendency to have just one drink and head out.  Oh well.  There is always tomorrow.

Discovered the most lovely accidentally vegan candy bar–Goldenberg’s Original Peanut Chews.  The original is covered in dark chocolate (unlike the unvegan version covered in milk chocolate).  Bought two, but should have bought ten.  The online offerings have updated packaging and are individually wrapped.  Stop & Shop must have a deal with Goldenberg’s to get the eight piece packs with vintage packaging.  So swank.  

I didn’t cook much and what I made was simple.  My culinary pinnacle may have been peanut butter and cherry sandwiches.  Low on cherry jam, so the whole fruit was a real lifesaver.  A taco salad with soyrizzo was nice, too.  I don’t think I have bought a head of iceberg lettuce in a decade.  That should change.

Since I have been back?  Let’s see…  I think I came up with the following modification to Lagusta’s flax seed snot.  Her version involves boiling flax seeds in water and then straining the seeds out to get an egg white like viscous goo.  Good for binding dry ingredients.  I wanted a binder with flavor, so I boiled flax seeds in soymilk to get a milky snot and left the seeds in the goo.  I dipped thin cuts of eggplant in it, then dredged the cutlets in bread crumbs herbed up with basil, oregano and thyme from the pots on the patio and finally baked the cutlets on a oiled sheet in a 350 oven for 3o minutes.  Salt and pepper when they came out.  Crispy.  Flavory.  Heaven.  Had left over flaxy milk to which I added vanilla and cinnamon to make some french toast for breakfast, too.  Tasted great, but I need to make some adjustments to improve the appearance.  Next time I will try it for chicken fried seitan.  Very fun, all in all.  Have at it, fellow veganauts.

So many words (seven hundred thirty nine!), so little import.  I should go.  Hope you are well!


2 responses to “Yes Sir!

  1. Wow, what a great idea!!

    And I hope Lacey is all better soon, yuck.

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