Can’t Buy a Wave

I’ve walked Frida and pedaled to the clothing drop box and the community garden.  I waved to folks on my route–of the first six zero returned my gesture.  Yes, I was keeping count.  Two of the six were police officers in parked cars.  If I were a police officer, I’d make neighborliness a priority.  My guess is the effort would pay big dividends.

Don’t get me wrong–this is a mighty fine town–but in my limited experience neighborliness doesn’t kick in for many residents until you’ve known of each other for about five years.  What is the waiting period to buy a gun?  Don’t know, but I’ll bet you a jar of kimchi it is shorter than five years.  In a world where hate is processed faster than love, you get what what you get.

So how they do they do it (the non-wavers, that is)?  You look someone in the eye, get waved at, maintain eye contact and not return the gesture.  What goes on in their head?  If you are in the non-waving camp, please let me know.  It’s kinda starting to bug me.

But then there is always one.  The spice of life!  The last one on my morning journey–lucky number seven.  I waved and asked how he was doing.  “Just doing what I can to get by.”  I said “Yup!”  As I pedaled away, he hollered “You know there is a big storm coming?”  I turned and waved and hollered “Yup!  Thanks!”  The storm is scheduled to arrive at at 1:00.  Big rain.  Hail.  Wind.  I think my neighbor said hurricane.  My exchange with mister seven was at 10:20.  He didn’t know how long I would be out and cared enough to warn me.  One out of seven doesn’t sound so good, but I’m assigning mister seven a full seven points and calling this a perfect game of neighborliness.

Saw Conor Oberst at the Egg last night with good friends sitting to our right.   Sharon Van Etten opened.  She was a delight.  Conor, too.  Before the show, we enjoyed a nice meal with two other good friends at The Olde English Pub.  The four of us got the vegan dish–roasted veggies on pita with a two dollar up charge for a couple of pieces of fried tofu.  Salt and pepper made it good.  The pint of Twisted Thistle ale was the star of the meal, though.  Next time I will skip the sandwich and just get fries and beer.  Business advice?  If you are going to offer only one vegan dish, make it a knock out, kay?  Smear some salty lemony pesto on there and you’d be closer to the mark, in my humble opinion.

Four hundred and fifty-three words in.  My!  Where’d the point go?



4 responses to “Can’t Buy a Wave

  1. What a treat it was to see you two!

  2. Visited Portland Oregon last week and I believe the folks there are having a politeness contest. While in the grocery store, so many people looked me in the eye and smiled, I actually stopped to check a mirror to make sure I didn’t have something caught in my beard. During my many bike rides, I found the car drivers were courteous and cautious, often waiving me through side street intersections even though they had the ROW. Its like a whole different world. Thanks for practicing kindness and courtesy here in New York, Randy.

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