Last night we watched Marwencol–a touching documentary about one man’s way of coping with a brutal attack he suffered in Kingston, New York.  He was beaten very nearly to death upon leaving a bar where he had told patrons he liked to wear women’s clothes.

This morning I learned from the radio about another brutal attack which happened yesterday in Lincoln, Nebraska.  A hate crime undertaken because the victim is gay.

The strange coincidence does nothing to take the sick out of my stomach, but I can’t help but think about it (and write about it).  I believe in the power of invisible connections and would not discount the possibility that we picked the movie because we felt the pain pouring out of Nebraska after the attack.

I hope the invisible connections are there and in good working order because I want the Kingston victim, the Nebraska victim and the thousands of others who’ve suffered similar attacks to feel the love headed their way from this household.

It has to be the case that there is more love out there than hate.  Based on what?  Nothing more than my need to believe it to continue to associate with people on this planet.  Please prove me right today, tomorrow and the rest of your days.  I will do my best to do the same.

Humongous love to everyone,



2 responses to “Coincidence?

  1. I’m thinking how cool it is that so many of us can see films like Marwencol.
    I’m thinking how many of us have can see and read and hear all the bad shit going on all around us daily.
    And I’m thinking how it can be hard work to be a part of the good stuff.

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. When I start rolling along, I try to remember that I can pause and pick my next act. If I am rolling wrong, I can stop and change course. If I am rolling right, I can keep with it. I sometimes make the wrong choice, but I try! Thanks again for writing. Have a great day.

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