We’ve been taking cocktails on the driveway of late.  We enjoy it, but there is an underlying intention–we want to get to know our neighbors.  Seems to be working.  With each passing day, we get more waves and a couple of times neighbors have joined us.  Nothing fancy.  Just lawn chairs and a drink.  See, our neighborhood was built at a time when porches were out of fashion, so few of us have one (patios were the thing and we all have one).  Without a porch, no one spends time relaxing in the front yard.  We’re trying to change that.

Yesterday we had a new visitor.  I had placed Frida’s bowl of ice (that’s what she gets when we relax on the drive) in the grass hoping a young squawking robin would have a drink and a splash.  So hot and dry.   Birds can have a rough time of it (I see a new dead one or two every day).  Frida’s ice was mostly melted so the bowl was a perfect bath.   The robin didn’t follow the script I had in mind, but it did come up to say hi and holler at us some.  In my quest to share the most boring videos on the web, I present to you my latest two minute snooze-ter-piece.

Cute, right?  Not the worst thing on youtube, anyway.  Why did the robin come so close?  Needless to say I was honored.

Pedaled to the garden today.   Cucumbers were the main take away.  I have enough to start another gallon of pickles.  Some were too big for pickles, but still good for slicing on salads.   Two went to a neighboring gardener, one to a former gardener who relinquished her plot to care for a sick neighbor and three were accepted by the firehouse that dispatched a truck to check me out after I was hit on my bicycle.  They all seemed delighted to get fresh cukes.  Must be early in the season.  Another month and the offer will be welcomed like a punch in the mouth.

Still hot and getting hotter.  I am in the swing of it, though.  Iced water.  Iced tea.  G&Ts.  Cold beer.  Cold cherries.  Salty snacks.  Slow motion living.  Six weeks to go, if history is a reliable guide.  I hope you are finding your own road to survival.



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