Filling in Blanks

I pedaled to the garden to water.  Someone was already watering so I made work until they were done.  When weeding became tiresome I harvested the garlic.  Not a bad haul!

Last summer I hung the bulbs in the basement without cleaning them.  Every time I’d clip off a head I’d send dirt flying.  This time I trimmed the roots and dry brushed the bulbs before bundling them for hanging.

I spoke to my dad yesterday.  Happy to report he is doing much better.  Still having trouble sleeping, though, but that will sort itself out.  I told him about a mistake I made over the weekend and he had some very sweet and reassuring words for me.  We rarely open up to each other but we are getting better.  He has a big heart and it is wonderful when he shares.

Our neighbors had to put their dog to sleep.  A tumor was discovered in his spinal canal.  The tumor was putting pressure on the bundle of nerves in the canal making it hard for him to walk.  They thought he’d make it another month or two, but on Saturday he couldn’t walk at all so they made the hard decision.  The right decision.  The compassionate one, but still very tough to say the words and then difficult to adjust to life without a close friend.  We’ll be seeing them as much as they want and thinking about them in between.

I consulted with my friend as he bought this swell bicycle on eBay.  A tourer with cantilever brakes.  He doesn’t have it yet, but I’ve asked him to send pictures and words when he gets to know it.  After he bought it I noticed the Shimano cranks with the nonstandard pedal axles.  You can see the huge axle on the back of the left crank in the picture above.  Not the end of the world, but I wish I had noticed it before he bought it.  To add insult to reduced inter-changeability, he can’t use standard toeclips with these pedals.  I have the toeclip mounting hardware if his pedals are lacking it, and I found the special plastic toeclips made by a third party for sale on Amazon.  Even if he decides to replace the cranks to expand his pedal choices, I still think the price he paid was a steal.

My lunch is getting cold as I type.   I should eat.  That gallon of greens is pretty bitter.  I should have blanched the turnip greens before cooking them with the other greens.  I suspect Lacey is eating them just now, too.  Discovering their bitterness.  It is going to be a long trek through that gallon!  I am dedicated to the task.  But that’s why I won’t be offering to share them with you.  Nothing but the best for guests!

Hope you are all well.


2 responses to “Filling in Blanks

  1. I have never been as jealous of anything in my life as I am of that garlic!
    Also, happy to hear about your dad. But very sad about the pup.
    Ah, life. : (

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