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Bought a digital scale from OXO and fell in love with it.  I had never used a scale to measure ingredients in the kitchen, but once I started I was hooked.  The scale was also helpful for shipping (for small boxes–the scale has an eleven pound limit).  I probably used it every day.  Until June 8, 2012.  I turned it on and the screen was blank.  New batteries didn’t solve it.  I called OXO.  They asked about batteries and when I bought it.  I said I tried minty batteries and that I had bought it sometime since 2005 but couldn’t find the receipt.  No matter, they said.  Ship the scale to them and they’d ship me a new one.  It just showed up.  

How much does that make me love OXO?  Lots!  I forgive them for the time I was without the scale.  They get a bum scale to look at and see if it can make it better next time.

Bought a soap dispenser from Houzer on August 25, 2010.  The soap started coming out brown and now when I went to refill the soap the feeder tube wasn’t attached.  It had rusted through and remained in the bottle.  

I called Houzer.  They said they have a one year warranty and that they couldn’t help me.  How much does that make me hate Houzer?   Not a bit (but I will never buy anything from them again).  I ordered a dispenser from Delta.  I installed one downstairs and it is doing just fine.  Looking at the picture above I see I could have zip tied a length of plastic hose to the base of the pump to take the place of the rusted off feeder pipe.  Next time.

I wonder how long a company survives making bum products and then not standing behind them?  In this economy?  I feel bad for the Houzer phone rep.  She probably goes home at night and dreams of trains rushing towards her and wakes up wondering how long she’ll get paychecks.  I would wonder that, anyway.

That’s all I have to say about that.  Be well.


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