The Other Side

The heat has broken!  Having sat in mid 90s heat for two days, 82 degrees feels dreamy.  We slept in the basement last night.  That was a huge improvement.  Its 76 degrees down there just now.  Which is why I hope my next house is underground.

This morning a neighbor gardener gave me three volunteer tomatillo plants that sprouted in her plot from last years fruit.  When I saw them, I realized the main weed I had been pulling from my plot this year was in fact so many volunteer tomatillos!  Those things produce!

The kimchi is bubbling nicely now.  I check it a dozen times a day just to watch the dancing bubbles.  I taste the broth nearly as many times.  Three days in and the sourness is just starting to arrive.  Even with the open windows, it is perfuming our kitchen.  The smell seems to travel, too, as flies congregate on the outside of the screen covering the window nearest the crock.  I’ve noticed this before.  Flies love fermenting produce.  Glad we have good screens!  I also cover the crock with a pillowcase.  No fruit flies inside yet, but a few show up every year.

I am starting to get on top of the work wave.  I still need to hover by the computer waiting for emails.  If I leave it for even a few minutes, they start piling up.

Really happy Friday is here.  You?


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