I did too much yesterday and I am off to a bad start again.  The idea is to get up early and take care of the gardens before it gets hot and then rest (work as a lawyer at the computer) during the day.  So I pedaled to the garden to give young things a water life preserver on which I hope they float out the day.  Everything looks great there.  I pulled out three turnips. 

The roots will hold up in the fridge just fine, but aging greens is a favor to no one.    While I got breakfast ready, I cooked up the turnip greens.

I added some beet greens, too.  Half of the result will be dinner tonight.

I moved the kimchi downstairs.  It was bubbling up a storm upstairs.  Seems quiet down in the basement.  No bubbles around the edge.  I will move it back upstairs after the heat breaks tonight.  The broth coming up over the white plate is beautiful.  

The kimchi itself is super, too.  Not sour yet, but a week from now it will be ready.

We still have five pints from last year.  The year old kimchi is really sour.   Storing it in the fridge after the countertop fermentation slows the souring considerably, but it isn’t arrested.  Fun to track the slow evolution.  We are getting better about eating it with almost anything.  A current favorite is to use it as a relish on fake sausage on a roll.  When I bring a jar to a cookout, it sometimes flies out of the jar.  Other times no one touches it (except Lacey and I).  Kind of depends on whether I make a sales pitch.  A few comments go a long way.  Without a backstory, it may look kind of boring or even spooky to some.  We also put blops on salads and of course eat some with rice.  Wonderful to have a jar in the fridge waiting to spice up any meal.

To the desk, then.

Be well!


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