Wrong Day

I picked the wrong day to pedal to the garden and pull out all the bok choi and an arm load of mustard and collard greens.  The temp climbed to 93 and I could feel the threat of it as soon as I woke up.  Nice that I made that first trip at 6:00 am, but the harvest set in motion a bunch of work that is best done right away.  So I did the work right away.  Too much to do to stop and make photographs, so I can only share the words.

First I washed the produce in a plastic bin outside.  Earwigs love bok choi and I have no desire to bring them into my kitchen. They float to the surface and I skim them up and toss them on the yard.  I enjoyed working with cool water.  A second wash in the kitchen, and then to the cookbooks.  I had bought everything I needed on Saturday, but nowhere near enough.  There was so much bok choi!  Back on the bike, then, to the grocery for more ginger, onions, daikon and peppers.  Having procured those, the rest was easy, if a little boring.  Peeling some garlic is fine, but peeling 30 cloves is tiresome.  Grating some ginger is fun, but a cup and a quarter is work.  I made ten pints of kimchi and four pints of sarson ki collards.  The kimchi is bubbling on the counter now (I should move it downstairs–93 degrees will speed things along a bit too quickly).  The sarson ki collards are in the freezer, but for the pint we’ll eat tonight.

My dad is headed into surgery right now.  They need to open up his leg to clean the knee they put in there a couple of years ago.  That’s where the infection that put him in the hospital two nights ago is located.  Apparently infections can compromise the juncture between my dad’s bone and the artificial knee.  If it gets bad enough, they could have to remove the new knee and put in another.  Yikes.  I should know more tomorrow.

I spent most of my work day redoing work.  Transactions start with a proposed schedule and as often as not, the schedule gets delayed.  With each delay, I have to carefully poke through all I have done and try to make it right.  Not hard, but when I am doing it for the eighth time on a single deal, I start to get grouchy.  I used to be so easy going, but age has eroded my patience and good nature (for this anyway).  I get paid very well so I shouldn’t complain, but shouldn’t doesn’t stop the irritation.

The heat!  We don’t have air conditioning so as soon as the heat shows up, I am in it.  Tumblers of ice water all day.  A fan.  Move a little slower.  Eat a little less.  Then night comes, the sun goes and sleep seems like it might just be possible.

That’s all.  A bit too much.  Maybe less tomorrow.

Be well!


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