Forward Fast

It was here that I wrote about the New York Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and, specifically, the elimination of my favorite sign–Bicycles May Use Full Lane.  I don’t know that the sign has been added back to the manual, but I was invited to comment on a policy regarding sharrows advanced by the New York State Department of Transportation and the policy suggests the signs may come back in one form or another.  The NYDOT wanted input on four proposed signs.  Each is placed under a yellow diamond sign depicting a bicycle.  A:  “May Use Full Lane.”  B:  “Using Full Lane.”  C:  “Using Lane.”  D:  “In Lane.”  I still think A is the right way to go and said so.  A beats B only because A is more familiar.  Otherwise B is a tie.  C and D–not so good.  When the word “full” is omitted, it isn’t clear that bicyclists can leave the right side of the lane.  The policy also directs sharrows to be placed way out in the lane–very nice.  Finally, the policy discusses sharing in more detail than usual.  “Share the lane” is about as far as anyone thinks it through, but you know I like to break it down into two distinct kinds of sharing–side by side sharing for wide lanes and one after the other sharing when lanes are narrow.  I am impressed with the efforts from the NYDOT and look forward to more good work in the future.  Three cheers!


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