My Lunch is Better than Yours

I don’t mean to be a snob.  I may not even be right.  I am just hugely thankful for this lunch.  Thankful, too, that my employer and clients trust me to do good work from home.  Thankful, especially, that my clients have excused me from attending preclosings this month while we are massively busy.  All of this together sets me up to have this lunch.

I made the sarson ki saag (mustard and spinach) two days ago with mustard greens from the garden.  I’ve been making various versions of saags for years, but this is the first time I used mustard, too.  A big positive difference.  Much more complex.  I made the chole curry last night from The Indian Vegan kitchen (look for quick chickpea curry).  I made the spiced rice just now.  Not from a recipe (but from quizzing indian cooks), so I am happy to share the collabo directions.  I caramelized a small onion for 15 minutes in an open pressure cooker, then tossed in 1 tsp cumin and two bay leaves and fried for a few seconds, then tossed in 2 cups soaked brown rice, cardamom seeds from four pods, a half of a cinnamon stick and six cloves and tossed it well.  Then I added 2.75 cups of water and a quarter cup each of frozen peas and corn.  Pressure cooked for 20 minutes, then added 1 tsp garam masala and 1/2 tsp salt just before eating.  I have seen recipes that add a bit of turmeric and some black pepper corns.  Sounds good.  Maybe next time.

Had a driveway party on Saturday.  Brought the tiki bar into the garage, added a cooler with half gallons of Steadfast’s Sorghum Pale Ale and Firestone’s Union Jack IPA, and had on hand handles of Tito’s Vodka, Tanqueray Gin and Dewer’s Scotch.  We put the hurt on the growlers and the Dewer’s (I’ve been on a scotch and soda jag lately and brought my friends along for the ride).  I also put out a quart of corn nuts (yes haw!).  About 20 people showed up.  We sat in lawn chairs on the driveway from five to nine, closed the garage door for an hour long garage session and then ended up in the house for the last hour.  It was so much fun.  About half our guests showed up on bicycles.  Two babies were present (and blankets were spread on the drive for a play area).  Frida wandered from guest to guest trying to shake loose bits of Little Anthony’s pizza and subs from softies.  Thanks to everyone for making our evening so enjoyable.

Sunday we drove to Long Island for a funeral service for Lacey’s great uncle, Abe.  Abe was a pistol.  No other way to say it.  A pistol we loved.  Florence, Abe’s wife, was a miracle of composure all through our visit.  How did she do that?  Strength.    All the family came together and shared love.  The service and reception were in Abe and Florence’s home.  I was glad to be able to see it.  I had heard so much about it.  It is lovely.  The highlights are the brick drive and patio (Abe was a brick man, as in that was his career) and a sun room.  Word is the family came together to assemble  the drive and patio and that Abe and his brother built the sunroom together.  A labor of love and it showed.  Sighs.

Just pedaled downtown to pick up Big Harp’s White Hat LP from Fuzz Records.  Loving on that.  Also bought LPs form The Mountain Goats, the Mynabirds and Neutral Milk Hotel.  Looks like Saddle Creek has started slipping CDs into their LPs.  Good move.  Loved the downloads, but CDs are so much better.  So much new music to enjoy!  Is the weekend here yet?

Still with the working.  So much working.  I should go.

Take care.


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