Deep Breaths

Long time!  I’ve been here and I trust you’ve been there.  Work is the dominant theme in my life and about that I don’t care to share more.

Scrabble with the men’s group last night.  I left between the two games.  I tried to leave with grace but I was pretty upset.  One member wants to limit conversation so that he can concentrate.  Me, I’d rather talk than play.  I accept his reminders and acquiesce, but last night I stewed.  Rather than stew through game two, I went home to Lacey.  That felt great.  This morning I wrote him a note to explain my feelings and got a most wonderful reply.  Sometimes communication works.

Pedaled the Rivendell Road to a FedEx drop box to send a package for work.  Saving twenty minutes by driving is in no way better than getting a few lungfuls of air.  I was in a marked bicycle lane (about where the northwest bound red car is in the image below) and a car passing on my right honked as they passed.  It is a stupid narrow bicycle lane and the lanes to the left and right are narrow too.  I am sure it complies with zero traffic design criteria.  It is always a bit of a pucker moment as cars race by (at 45) on my left and right as I pedal the tightrope bicycle lane.  So the honking.  If you pedal, you know how scary this can be.  This time my heart jumped into my throat and I replied HEY, but that’s not the end of the world.  Still.  If you want to be mean, honk.  Very effective way to increase anger.  If, on the other hand, you are scared that you are going to hit a bicyclist, don’t honk.  Slow and follow at a safe distance until it is safe and not scary to pass.  Please?

Just walked Frida.  Lovely weather just now.  I say hi to most everyone I pass.  Somedays I get no replies and feel invisible and sad.  Today everyone replied cheerfully and it felt great.  Give out hellos, folks.  They are a free and unlimited resource.  If you don’t want to initiate the exchange, at least participate in it when invited.  You’ll be doing someone a big favor.

Stopped in the drive of my new friend and had a cry with him.  His wife died recently and we talk about it most every time we see one another.  Today he shared his regret for sitting at the end of the bed as his wife passed.  He wishes he would have been laying next to her, holding her, in her last moments.  My poor, poor friend.  So happy to be able to cry with him.

If you know me, you know to what I am referring when I use the term the house that got away.  It is for sale again and I talked to the owners in the driveway.  I am sad to report it sounds like they took a lot of the good out of it.  The average joe will probably love it, but for me it was the time capsule nature that made it all good.  We might go have a look at it this weekend, just to be sure.  I would be shocked if we made a move within the same city, but looking is fun.  Full report to follow.

Lunch time.  Have a great weekend.


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