Moving on Up

Crushed by work, but still want to say hey.

The League of American Bicyclists state rankings are out.  What are they ranking?  Friendliness of the 50 states toward bicyclists (or something like that).  My takeaway?  So glad I left Nebraska (43rd  most friendly–only 7 meaner states) to come to New York (42nd most friendly–a full 8 meaner states, including that old stink hole Nebraska–kidding–huge fan of the Good Life).  So basically I could throw a dart and be hard pressed to hit a state that is meaner to cyclists than my present state of residence (and my former state of residence).   Funny thing is, I really like biking in both Nebraska and New York.  What am I missing?  Better not to ask.

Better to go roll around the block and stretch my legs.  So I did.  I pedaled to the pond (the lowest point in our ‘hood, then pedaled at a good clip to the highest point in our neighborhood (which is the highest point in Albany).  It felt so good to be moving that I kept going.  I took a lap on the ring road around a state office complex.  I thought the speed limit in all of Albany was 30 mph, and it generally is, but this road allows 40 mph.  The road also has “No Bicycle Racing” signs posted.  Has a ticket has ever been issued?  There are always roadies present, and now me on my single speed coaster brake transportation rig complete with upright bars, wicker basket and fenders.  I fall in behind two triathletes in full kit and aerobar tucks.  I thought I would catch them.  I didn’t try too hard (if you race someone who doesn’t know you are racing them, you have to go easy so you can pass them and say hey without labored breath).  I didn’t catch them, but their escape was gradual.  One lap and home.  Four point two miles.  Love a good short ride.



4 responses to “Moving on Up

  1. Randal, you’ve got me curious…What is the highest point in the City of Albany? If I had to guess, I might think the top of the hill on Eliot Ave (not too far from the pond or the office campus). I used to live in a duplex right at the top & everything in Albany certainly seemed to be downhill from my front door, but I never checked out any actual hard data to back it up.

    • Based on nothing more than the word of a dude, the corner of Rosemont and Belvidere. If you check it out with an altimeter of some such thing and find that is wrong, let us know.

      Hope you are well.

  2. Ah, I obviously live in the past… focusing on where I lived some 8 years ago & forgetting about the hill a few blocks from my current residence. I’ll have to check out how they compare. My curiousity is officially piqued.
    By the way, I happened to drive by you in the neighborhood this a.m. I’m quite sure I would’ve been happier if I was walking too.

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