Baked Donuts!

Meet Your Treat has me in the mood to make baked donuts, but I don’t want to buy the nonstick donut pans that are currently available.  I wrote to Lodge and asked them to make a cast iron donut pan.  Do me a solid and write to them as well.  They need to know there will be be hundreds of buyers.  If every one of my 30 or so subscribers writes, we’ll only have hundreds to go.  Do it!  [Update:  Maybe don’t!  Nearly a week and they haven’t replied.  Always surprising, but I will live.]

The caretaker at the park said a storm was coming.  He described it as a “real pisser.”  He’s old.  He’s local.  He works outdoors.  I took his warning seriously.  I cleaned my gutters, put on new gutter extensions and mowed the lawn.  The storm isn’t here yet and it doesn’t look like it is coming.  Oh well.  I was able to pedal to the garden and see all the tiny seedlings poking up through to the soil.  That’s always a treat.  The ride there and back was magical.  Perfect temps.  Not much wind.  Little traffic.  Slow rolling.  I felt like a kid on summer vacation (if only for a moment).  Sigh!

Hope you are having a great day.


6 responses to “Baked Donuts!

  1. Ah, I agree, I just got a Lodge cast iron skillet this past Christmas and I seriously have no idea how I survived without one all these years. A cast iron donut pan would be awesome (extremely heavy, but awesome). I hope you don’t have to wait too long to make your donuts!

    • And I still haven’t had my first! My good friend swears by them, though, and I understand why they are great. We’ll see what happens. I will make muffin shaped ones first, and let you know. Later!

  2. At least you are prepared for any future storms.

  3. I’m thinking of getting this one:
    Doesn’t have the hole but I think it will work quite well!

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