Something New

The seedlings started in flats on April 1st are coming along nicely.  I have to muster all of my patience not to put them in the ground.  Trying to wait until the end of May (for a change).  Wish me luck.  The best gardener at our community garden hasn’t touched the soil yet (while my plot is more than half filled).  Seems like waiting for the soil to warm is the right answer.   While my plants will survive early placement, they probably don’t grow much until the soil warms (and might be stressed while they wait for the temps to come up).  I’m getting a little better every year.  By the time I am 60, I should have it down.

The tiny plants in the foreground are celeriac.  I’ve heard of it, but never so much as heard it pronounced (let alone eaten it).  I thought that was odd until I read this.  I got the seeds in a free bin when I renewed my registration for the garden plot this year.  Excited to see what comes of them.  Back from there are basil, cucumber and tomatoes (paste and cherry).  We had a beautiful rain yesterday and it seems like we will today, too.  That’ll keep me away from the gardens and give the seeds  chance to sprout.

Work is picking up quite a bit, so I may not have much to report.  Then again, I’ve well established little need happen for me to sit down and write.

Have a great day.

5 responses to “Something New

  1. Good luck with your garden this year. I have to wait until the end of May to plant because of frost threats. I think waiting helps the plants get stronger as well.

  2. Celeriac (“celery-ack” is how I’ve always heard it, or just call it celery root) makes the tastiest soups ever. You’re in for a treat.

    I’ve already planted seeds outside, saw them die, and REPLANTED. Jesus.

  3. Oh yeah, and just like that article says, celery remoulade is the bomb. I make mine with almond mayo…the recipe is in that old secret blog you have the keys to!

    • Seed starting is such a tightrope walk! I am amazed it ever works. I’ll bet your second batch will go. Thanks for the celery remoulade tip. I hope to be in need of creative things to do with this new to me treasure.

      Thanks for coming by to say hey. Have a great day.

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