Ten Minutes

Just sharing a few short moments from the day.  Like most of my posts, nothing big happens.  That’s a central theme of this blog.  I share glimpses of my mostly quiet life filled with short bicycle rides and everyday food.  I want this site to be an alternative to others sharing extreme bicycle adventures and complex food.  I’d be honored if you’d think of this as a bicycling and vegan cooking blog that Fred Rogers would have linked to.  [Hmm.  This should really be on my about page, so I’m going to copy it there.]  Let’s go.

Above are the remains of the overwintered  cabbage (after I brought home the middle of the stalks with the leaves).  A day after being cut, the flowers are still pretty.  If my mother was local, I would have brought them home and given them to her.  I have a hard time getting comfortable with giving flowers from flower shops.  Most probably have a big carbon footprint.  I’d much rather give flowers I found on the side of the road or some such thing.

Why each cabbage head sprouted five or so stalks is a mystery to me, but it is fun to look at up close.

The video above shows me pedaling home from the community garden.  I love how these videos make me look fast.  Truth is, I was probably going about twelve miles per hour.  If.

Got home and watered the backyard garden.  Putting the hose away, I saw this cutie pie.

It let me make a picture because it was interested in not exposing itself to Frida.  Before I knew the rabbit was there, I let Frida out.  She had walked not five feet from where I found it.  I made the picture quickly and went inside.  Didn’t want to stress it out more than I had.  It stayed there long enough for Lacey to come see it, but was gone a few minutes later.  

Had a nice Other Mother’s Day brunch with the neighbors.  I contributed a tofu salad.  

I borrowed the ingredient list from the Bridge Tofu site, and added a few things.  I like that their ingredient list has nothing funky.  Know that I love me some grape seed oil fakin’ mayo, but tahini instead feels better.  Details? Mooshed up Bridge tofu plus chopped green garlic, celery, carrots and sweet red pepper, plus black pepper, cayenne pepper and dill, mixed with a dressing consisting of tahini, vinegar (Lagusta’s peach!), mustard, tamari, miso and apple cider.  Maybe taste the dressing before you add it to the tofu/veggie mixture ’cause as they say you can’t unring a bell.



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