Today is about loving our mothers.  That I do–I love you Mom!  Still, since love and gratitude are limitless, why not expand our definition of mothering and celebrate those that fall into the bigger basket?  Once I start thinking along these lines, dozens of examples leap to mind.  Some folks take care of rescue animals.  Others care for our land.  Maybe you restore vintage musical instruments, or work with teenagers whose lives have gone off the track.  No need to go on and on–if you think about it long enough, all beings act like mothers at one time or another.  Let’s celebrate them all.  Try to make some time today to let another mother know that you appreciate them.  I’m going to call it Other Mother’s Day.  I’ll give Hallmark time to catch up.

Humility check:  When you wonder whether you’ve come up with something new, just google it.  I thought I had come up with the idea of Other Mother’s Day, but google shows me I am wrong.  No matter.  It is still a good idea!

Bicycles?  I found these elegant stainless steel toe clips from legendary builder Bruce Gordon.  They are selling them alone and paired with White Industries platform pedals.  I might need to add a pair to my White Industries pedals on the ANT Light Roadster.

So much to do today.  I better get started.  Go show love to all mothers and other mothers.



2 responses to “Quickly

  1. Your thoughts are again so beautiful and I’m proud to be your Mother!

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