Gleaner’s Stew

Waiting to see if the overwintered cabbage would make seeds proved too much for me.  I pulled it out and brought home the leaves.  Without the hedgerow of cabbage, the rows of turnip and beet seeds will get full sun today.  Maybe that’ll wake them up.  

I put half of the cabbage leaves in a gleaner’s stew, together with onions, gleaned garlic, celery, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, quinoa, gleaned oregano, thyme, bay leaves, red pepper, black pepper,  salt, apple cider and water.  A dollop of miso (from Lagusta!) to finish.  So good (even without an acid–I forgot–maybe some apple cider vinegar when I heat up the next pot), and that’s good because I ended up with seven quarts.

Too much sun for a long post.  Be well!


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