Rhythm.  Could I pluck that word from a Scrabble rack?  It would be rare to have two Hs, but I will keep it in mind.

I generally wake without an alarm.  For months now 6:00 has been the time, but today it was 5:30.  Maybe the seedlings woke me wanting a morning drink.  No bother.  I don’t mind getting up and the sunrise was beautiful.

I pedaled the ANT Light Roadster to the community garden to add moisture to seeded rows.  They’ve been in the ground five day’s but none are sprouting yet.  The soil is cold.  I always jump the gun.  

I culled more garlic, this time from the perimeter of the garden (where I plant garlic cloves each fall following the pattern of the gardener before me).  Looks like a few complete bulbs remained in the ground after last years harvest, as there were four clumps of garlic stalks where only single stalks should be.  I want only one in each spot so they have room.  I hope that by pulling the others I didn’t damage the roots of the remaining stalks.  Always a risk as roots interlace with the roots of close neighbors.  

The seedlings started indoors are enjoying/enduring trips into the sun each day to harden off.  This is a step I too often rush or ignore completely.  Without it, seedlings are soft and will have a rough shock when transplanted.  Sun and wind are more harsh than florescent lights and still indoor air.  This year I am doing better, watching the tender young’uns throughout the day and taking them in if the sun or the wind is too much.  It is a labor of love.

I am enjoying the rituals of waking, pedaling, tending gardens (in silence) and walking Frida.  I feel moored.

Happy Friday.  Enjoy your day.


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