Play it Again

Lacey was jealous that I was able to listen to The Band’s The Last Waltz straight through.  No need, said I.  We spent the evening listening to it together.  Even twice in a day was wonderful.  My two Booker’s with soda didn’t hurt (well, just a little this morning).

My new glasses arrived yesterday.  Love them!  My current pair (below) are vintage American Optical safety glasses that I picked up from a garage sale for $0.25.  

My optician has sent them away to have my prescriptions put in them twice (I’ve been wearing them for about four years).  They were starting to look a little rough.  The plastic covering on the cables had cracked and the metal cables were discolored.  Even though that could be fixed with new rubber covers from these folks, the plastic bridge is developing some small cracks and is yellowing some.  No real fix for that (that I am aware of), so time for new glasses.

My first thought was to order this pair from Shuron.

I’ve had their site bookmarked for years, hoping for a chance to give them a try.  Shuron glasses are still made in the USA and are very fairly priced (ask your optician to order them if they don’t carry them).  Looks like they offer cable temples (to which I am addicted), but as far as I can tell the cable temples don’t come with plastic to match the frame.  Seems like they are just metal, which I think might look kind of wonky on a plastic frame.  My solution was going to be ordering one pair of frames with matching plastic temples and a second set of cable temples and see how they looked.  I asked my optometrist to inquire, but they didn’t get back to me.  Pretty sure they think I am a pain because I am always coming in with used frames in lieu of buying the expensive and boring frames they offer.  Whatever!

While I wondered about the Shurons, though, I found another set of vintage American Optical safety glasses on eBay for $35 (140 times the price of my previous pair, but still a good deal).  I like that they are branded Craftsman (as in Sears) on the right temple.  

I prefer the gray frames to my black and clear old frames (although the combination of gray frames, gray hair and gray hoodie make a pretty bland photo–maybe need a new hoodie color?).  Also rethinking my self-inflicted haircuts.  I’ve been hacking my own for a couple of years now.  I sometimes talk myself into liking the results, but when I shampoo, take a picture and look at the picture all in a day, I lose a fair measure of confidence.  The shampooing, see, yields an undesirable poofing effect.  Nothing a few days without shampooing won’t fix, but still.

The new frames still need lenses.  The lenses pictured are the original glass safety lenses without correction.  Having prescription lenses made for vintage plastic frames is a little dicey.  Plastic can get brittle with age and the lens maker gets paid for the lenses even if the frames crack when they are putting the new lenses in.  I’ve twice had luck with my old pair of AOs, but one never knows.  It’d be sad if the frames cracked.  With vintage frames, you can’t be sure you would find another exactly matching pair to take the lenses you just had made.  I guess I’d just glue the frames together and use them as back ups, but I’d have to cough up a bunch more dough for a presentable pair.

What else?  Arugula pesto!  Before this batch I had only made basil pesto, but I’ve long heard tales of pesto made with assorted yummy herbs and greens.  Yesterday I had gleaned some volunteer garlic from the community garden and later pulled out some arugula from my home plot (arugula has spread into most of the space, so I need to pull it up to make room for other plants).  I whizzed up the arugula and garlic together with toasted walnuts, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper to make a s***-ton of bright green life affirming pesto.  

Mixed a dollop into whole wheat penne (using a quarter cup of pasta cooking water to thin the pesto).  Really nice meal.  If you haven’t gone off the basil tracks, do.  Even if you don’t grow arugula, buying arugula to make pesto has to be way cheaper than buying basil and the change will do you good.

Today I grabbed a growler of Scottish Light from the Pump Station and noticed the Albany Distilling Company right next door.  Until now I hadn’t seen it.  They have a sign over the door, but no other sign suggesting they were open.  I didn’t pull on the door.  Now home, I see their site suggests they are not yet open.  This blog gives some fairly current details.  If you have more recent news, please share.

I have nothing else, so bye!


3 responses to “Play it Again

  1. What is the name of your doctor who told you Shuron is made in China? I’d like to know how he knows.

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