With seeds in the ground at both gardens, I have to water daily unless it rains.  Its nothing at all to get water on the home garden, but the community garden is a mile or so from my home.  I pedaled the ANT Light Roadster there today.  Still marveling at the joys rolling out of the Velosteel hub.  I love a good coast!  I brought seedlings to put in the ground.  Dinosaur kale.  Flat leaf kale.  Mustard.  They all fit in a closed box and the closed box was bungeed to my front rack.  A broad front rack is so very useful.  Bags on skinny rear racks work for so many loads, but sometimes the broad front rack works better.  The garden is really looking nice.

Yesterday friends visited on two bikes.  A trail a bike type thing was hooked to dad’s and junior was pedaling atop that.  Mom was pulling a Burley tot trailer in which a young pup was being transported.  They had been to the bike expo and enjoyed it very much.  Dad tested a Surley Pugsley (and thought it was a blast).  If I’d known there’d be odd bikes to sample, I would have been there in a flash.  I more or less refuse to ride other people’s bikes, but I would happily make an exception for a commercial tester.

I split with my friend a Sorghum Pale Ale from Steadfast.  Steadfast is the first beer offered to the public by a couple of guys from Oliver’s Beverage (where I buy beer for home).  The Pale Ale is brewed using sorghum, molasses, and American hops.  It is gluten free and carries a celiac friendly certification.  Very tasty.  It will not be my last bottle.  I wish them luck with their new adventure.

Be well!


2 responses to “Responsibility

  1. Thanks for giving our beer a try! Nice lookin’ pup, as well! Just wanted to clarify that our beer is made with sorghum (not barley – barley contains gluten), molasses, and American hops! So glad you liked it; thanks for your support and patronage! Cheers! -Jeremy, Co-owner, Steadfast Beer Co.

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