Super Moon

Eat chili uttapam at noon/wake at 2:00 am to bid adieu to chili uttapam.  Having eaten chili uttapam for lunch on both Thursday and Saturday of this week, I am two for two proving the truth of this axiom.

This morning at 2:10 am I noticed bright moonlight streaming into our living room windows.  Super moon!  I had forgotten and would have missed it.  Glad to have seen it, because it was a doozie!  Dearest chili uttapam, you delight on the way down and wake me for special moments later!  How can I ever repay you?

Since both I and the super moon were up, I grabbed my point and shoot camera and made three pictures, each more terrible than the last.  I won’t waste the electricity to share even the best one.  Google images saves the day, though.  How long until my first reaction is not to grab a camera but to fire up the googles?  The day will come.  I still remember when my first reaction was to grab a book to answer a question, but now those days are long gone.

This NASA post is worth watching.  I was reminded not only of the perigee and apogee of an orbit, but also how little I have matured since junior high–I giggled when they referred to the super moon as “the swollen orb.”  It wasn’t just a transitory moment of immaturity.  It was sufficiently durable that I replayed the video until I located the phrase, paused the video, fired up Garage Band, captured the audio, edited out all but “the swollen orb,” and finally exported it as an mp3 file.  I was all set to add the sound file to my blog when I learned I need to buy a space upgrade to add audio files.  Ho well.  Not worth that.  Moving on.

In the category of sincerely underwhelming, for the first time in my life I won a prize playing powerball.  I played two games for Friday’s drawing and got the powerball right in one for a $2.00 payout.  Net gain $0.  I’ll consider it a good start and keep trying.



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  1. Soundcloud will let you host audio, and embed the player in your blog, etc.

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