A fine day for the bicycle expo but we skipped out.  To be frank, the schedule didn’t grab us.  With (all of our) bikes adjusted and skills sufficient to cheat immediate death on the streets, we would have been left with socializing.  Nothing wrong with that, in fact I’d enjoy a bit more most days, but the garden needed us more.  With smiles on our faces, love in our hearts and a front rack loaded with seeds and seedlings, we pedaled our ANTs straight there.

I weeded.  Some work with the hoe, but mostly I enjoyed digging my fingers into the cool soil to pull up clumps of grass, vining weeds and wild garlic.  Close to ship shape now.  

Lacey planted.  Planted so very much!  Seeds for pole beans, snap peas, beets, turnips and komatsuna were pushed into the soil and Bok Choi seedlings were planted in a neat row.  Oregano and Dill are coming back on their own.  

The cabbage I left in the ground is flowering.  I guess I will leave it go and see if I get seeds out of it.

We spent much more time there than we should have.  No hats or water left us with a terrible thirst.  

Lynn’s Uptown was nearby and set us up.  Ice waters for each and a Boston Lager for me to got things going, then onto veggie burgers and fries for the main event.    

Everyone there is so sweet.  I spoke with the owner about business and the neighborhood.  She owns the new pizza joint next door.  I told her about Diaya cheese.  She listened, so maybe we can have a pizza there soon.  I spoke with the cook about bicycles.  He loves an old Schwinn balloon tire that used to belong to his father.  He wants to get it fixed up.  I was ready to volunteer but something held me back.  Probably a mistake.  I would love the project and am sure I could make it beautiful and smooth again.  Maybe I will offer my services to him next time we go.  I kind of owe it to him.  He was the first guy we met there–the one who gave a bowl of water to our panting Frida when I forgot to refill her water coming home from the garden.  I am forever in debt to anyone caring for Frida.  That reminds me–Frida likes to eat at 4:00.  I should make her bowl.

Take care!


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