Drinking. Eating.

Hello!  So where do you think we were Friday night?  If you said Mahar’s, you’d be right.  Atop a couple of ANTs, we pedaled there in some of the mildest weather we’ve enjoyed lately.  Short local rides with delights at the end are my favorite rides.  If you need dozens of miles to trip your trigger, be my guest, but I can be sated with a ride as short as a block.  More isn’t better, for me anyway.

Lacey had a cask conditioned Eye of the Hawk from Mendicino Brewing (brewed at Olde Saratoga Brewing up north).  Lacey didn’t know it was a strong ale (with 8.0% ABV), and she didn’t feel particularly strong after her pint.  Oops!  I had a Downtown Brown from Lost Coast.  I was feeling chipper after my pint (turns out it had only 5.0% ABV).  Check out Lost Coast’s herstory.  Had we bothered to check the alcohol contents of our two beers before we drank them, we could have switched and ended up on the same astral plane.  Next time.  Both were excellent beers, though.  I’ll put this mission in the win category.

Mahar’s without Curry House would be sad, so we did the happy thing and walked next door when our beers were no more.  Always a winner.  We’ve been regularly sharing one order of dal makhani (ordered spicy), but last night, while Lacey was in the bathroom, I slipped in an order for chana saag, too.  Oh, and onion bhaji as a warm up and roti with the meal.  We’ve long ago learned that one appetizer, one entree and one bread are just the right amount of too much, so two entrees are way too much.  Not a problem when you bring along a three tier tiffin to cart home in style all that remains.

More Indian today, but with a southern flair.  Parivar for lunch.  So good!  I had a chili uttapam.  The dal and rice pancake is little more than a vehicle to deliver searing hot chilies to my mouth and in this role it performed flawlessly.  Also learned Vimto is a fine beverage.

Lacey had a palek dosa.  A light coating of spiced spinach puree lines the whole of the dosa and nestled in the middle are wonderful mooshed up potatoes and peas.

With both dishes, the dips play a starring role.  We both got the same three–sambar, coconut chutney and hot sauce.  Get there as often as you can.  Good cheap food.  Know that the cafe is closed Mondays.

Have a good Saturday night, folks!


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