Quiet Day

Not much happening today, work wise, so I am finding ways to help the day along.  Cooking is always good.  Dinner will be pintos, collards and cornbread.  The pintos and collards are done, but the cornbread wasn’t going to make itself–so I did.

The recipe from Incredibly Delicious is wonderful.  I’ve probably talked about it before, but I don’t feel like looking it up.  My Dad likes it so much he asks me to send him loaves in lieu of gifts.

My mind is increasingly pulled in the direction of the gardens.  The seedlings in the basement are coming along nicely. Above are cukes on the left and tomatoes on the right.  Basil below. 

I might go out later and put cool weather seeds in the home garden.  Lettuces and such.  Frida is resting, as dogs will do.   Odd that she has her back to all possible danger.  Has she given up guarding the yard?  I don’t blame her.  Things can be pretty quiet around here most days.

The buyer of the Grand Velo picked it up last night.  Talking with him about bikes for twenty or so minutes was more pleasure for me than payment for the frame.  He has about the same number of bicycles as do I.  Buys and sells over time.  Even though I am going to make a concerted effort to sell, I’d be a fool if I thought I’d bought my last one.  In the end, what is the harm in collecting, really?  That’s how he feels anyway.  Who am I to argue?   His preferences run toward Schwinn Paramounts and Campagnolo.   I understand the attraction.   The Grand Velo is his first Bridgestone (but like me he has a Rivendell Atlantis and a Rivendell Road).  Toward the end of our conversation I complimented his VW GTI.  Told him I had one of the first ones and miss it to this day.  Turns out he had one as well (white!).  Big sigh for the days when small cars could be light.  So much more fun to run around in a small light car with a small motor than a heavy car with a huge motor.

Espresso machine is heated up.  I should go use it so I can shut it off.  Take care.


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