Mixed Emotions

This morning I offered for sale on Craigslist a Bridgestone Grand Velo 3000 frame and fork.  

Even though it was a bit too large for me, I held onto it for more than ten years.  It was just too pretty.  

Posting the ad gave me a sick feeling.  I fall deeply in love with every bicycle I work on.  The longer it is in my care, the deeper the love.

It sold in under 30 minutes to someone I know (even though the sale was anonymous and I didn’t contact anyone about it).  

Happily, I know this someone will take very good care of it.  That takes some of the sting out of it.  

I will try to keep the ball rolling with a few more sales this Spring.

Otherness?  A friend forwarded to me his colleague’s blog.  The writer is a librarian with a love for cycling history.  I’ve been through twenty or so posts and am enjoying it.  He is a good and careful researcher.  You should stop by if you have time.

Three cheers to the workers, all!


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