Going Big and Going Home

I love cooking big.  Today?  One one gallon of Indian dal and tomato soup and one half-gallon of collard greens.  Last week?  A gallon of pintos.  Scrumptious!  

If you don’t have half-gallon and gallon jars, I’d strongly suggest getting some.  Something very satisfying about the look and feel of a comically large glass jar filled with something you made.  If anything, you know you are going to eat for a week.

I got the last issue of Lincoln Ve-Low in the mail a couple of days ago.  Sad to report it came with a note announcing the demise of my favorite zine.  I didn’t know it at first.  I opened the envelope and was carrying the zine slack-style to my office.  Washingtons and Lincolns started raining from the pages (I prepaid for a year  or more subscription).  I opened the zine and found the note and the sticker.  Anyway, I am sure producing the magazine was a ton of work.  Thanks, Thad, for keeping it up as long as you did!

[Update:  Having just read said last issue of Lincoln Ve-Low, I learn two things.  First, Thad’s dad had a cancer scare.  Sounds like it is turning out as well as can be, but still… so sorry Thad!  We’ll be thinking of you and your family.  Second, Dave Sink, the owner of the Antiquarian Record Store (Omaha), passed away.  Oh man.  How sad.  That’s one reason I am going to miss Lincoln Ve-Low.   Where am I going to get that kind of news now?]

I’m staring at the Grand-Velo 3000.  Soaking up its loveliness before the buyer shows up tonight to carry it away.  I am probably jinxing the sale.  So what if I am?  I love this frame!

Take care, all.

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