Something That Made Me Go Hmm

That’s Frida eight years ago.  Our first walk on the very day we brought her home from Hearts United for Animals.  Fast forward to present.  As Frida and I were walking (estimated to be our 3,000th walk together), we came upon a gentleman unloading groceries from the back of his crossover (parked curbside).  Frida ambles up for a sniff.

Gentleman:  Get your dog away from me!

[Gentleman starts backing into street and I pull Frida to me.]

Me:  She’s ok!  Don’t go into the street!

[We continue on our way.]

Gentleman:  I’d rather get hit by a car!

Me:  Ok!

Gentleman:  A lot of people feel that way!

Me:  Ok!

While I respect a person’s fear of dogs and work to limit fear caused by my little princess, this gentleman must be feeling something deeper.  Don’t you think it is fair to link a fear of dogs to a fear of injury or more rarely disease?  If so, to prefer getting hit by a car to having a dog sniff you suggests harm isn’t the concern.  Then it hit me–roughly a year ago Lacey, Frida and I walked by this fellow and he announced “dogs do not amuse me!”  Doesn’t help solve the riddle, but I do think we should avoid the street from now on.  If only to reduce the inner turmoil in this gentleman’s life.

Finished the carpet project yesterday.  I had a dream last night that three separate plumbing problems threatened to flood the basement and ruin the new carpet.  Jeesh!  Just cleaned the house tip to tail, and I am bushed.  Ready for the weekend.  You?

Be well.


2 responses to “Something That Made Me Go Hmm

  1. When I walk the dogs I try to be considerate of pedestrians and joggers and pull them over onto the parking strip. However, Ms. Lucy sometimes acts like a little mule and refuses to move. I apologized to a woman just yesterday and explained how stubborn she can be. She just laughed and said, “sometimes that is a good thing!”

    • Hello! I am glad you found something that works for Lucy. Thanks for sharing.

      I give Frida a pretty free leash only because of our experience with Speed. When Speed started getting protective, we started pulling her to us every time we came upon any living being. I believe the tension on the leash was sending a message that danger was near and she should prepare for a fight. If we let her meet a dog or person but kept tension on the leash to be safe, she was much more likely to be nervous and misbehave (something which didn’t happen when she was off leash). Of course this didn’t occur to us until late in her life when the patterns were well ingrained. With that background, we decided to let Frida meet all dogs on a loose leash (after asking the owner if they can meet). It has worked very well (this experience being the one exception). Not sure a loose leash would have helped with Speed’s misbehavior, but I am glad it has worked for Frida.

      Thanks again for writing. Take care, friend!

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