Oh Yes I Did!

And, no, I am not proud of myself.  But it was so pretty, just my size, and priced so reasonably!  

Compare the 1993 Bridgestone RB-2 to the RB-1 and you will find they used a different tube set and parts for the RB-2.  The changes added one pound to the weight of the complete bicycle but dropped the price from approximately $1,200 for the RB-1 to $650 for the RB-2.  Such smart choices.  So smart that you think you’d see a million of these things rolling around, but I don’t think I have seen even one in the wild.  The catalog helps explain their rarity–only 1,000 were produced.  Head back to the entry for the RB-1 and you’ll find that in 1993 Bridgestone made two versions–a /7 and a /8.  The /7 used bar end shifters and a 7-speed cassette.  The /8 used brifters and an 8-speed cassette.  Bridgestone made 1,000 of each of the /7 and the /8, for a total of 2,000.

I also just learned the RB-2 is fully vegan.  The Avocet Racing saddle is covered in vinyl.  The RB-1 came with an Avocet Racing-1 saddle covered in leather.  Today I added MKS vegan toe straps, MKS Deep toeclips and Cinelli cork ribbon (twined to nearly match the frame paint).  I will probably order Rivendell Ruffy-Tuffy tires for it, too.  A little fatter and appropriately tan sidewalls.

That’s enough of that.  Too much, really.  I have to start selling bikes.  If you know I have something you want, please be in touch.  Letting go of any bicycle is difficult for me, but I need to learn how to do it.

Take care!


4 responses to “Oh Yes I Did!

  1. Congratulations on your new bike, Randy! This may be my chance to pick up one of your fleet.

    • I forgot your size, but I think it is maybe a bit bigger than mine. Remind me. Although 56cm feels right for road, most of the bikes I want to part with are more like 54cm (the size I used to think felt right). I do have a few 56cm roadies that could go. Oh, and that Bridgestone Grand Velo 3000 frame (in 58cm). Mountainy rides, too! Oh dear. Feeling overwhelmed. Be well!

  2. Nice.

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