Letting Go and the Other

Speed the Dog was a great dog.  Although she died eight years ago, I think of her every day.  She is in my heart, to be sure, but there are also physical reminders all about.  I was cleaning a drawer a couple of days ago and found our old remote.  I don’t remember when Speed decided to put the hurt on it.  Was she a puppy (during which time she chewed something inappropriate almost every day), or was she an adult (when she knew what wasn’t to be chewed, but would put her mouth over something, ready to chew, just to let us know that she could if she wanted to and then did one in forty times to keep us guessing)?  Anyway, the TV to which the remote belonged died six months ago, so the remote is of no use to us.  I tossed it into the wastebasket.  As I did, Lacey awww‘ed and registered a mild protest.  I talked her out of it–we have to toss some things, many things really–but as I was taking out the garbage just now I pulled it from the trash to make a picture.  So this part of this post is for Lacey and I, and for all of our friends that got to meet Speed.  Glad that she never perforated you, right?  Sigh! 

Drove to get coffee beans and groceries, but remembered that across from the coffee roaster is a new to Albany record store.  Fuzz Records at 209 Lark.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a record store (albums, not CDs) stocked to satisfy just my tastes.  I can’t remember everything I saw, but highlights included Fiery Furnaces, Parts and Labor, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and Neutral Milk Hotel.  Those are just the ones I recognized.  The rest seemed like to fall into the same genre.  The collection was very focused.  The proprietor was nice and helpful, too.  They will order what they don’t have.  I might have no use for online LP ordering any longer!  Hooray for Fuzz Records!

Gotta go.

2 responses to “Letting Go and the Other

  1. Albany has a new record store! MUST GO MUST GO!

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